*Deadline is extended to 12th of March!

In 2012, Elgiz Museum initiated the annual Terrace Exhibitions on its 1500 m2 open-air rooftop to support emerging sculptors and create a new venue for contemporary sculptures in Turkey.

Elgiz Museum invites sculptors to submit works to the pen call with the theme : İstanbul.

Elgiz Museum Terrace exhibition embraces İstanbul this year.

İstanbul is the city of dreams, ideals, disappointments, lovers where the streets are engraved with the history of civilisations, myths and legends.

Where the East meets and parts the West; the meeting point of the Mediterranean harbors, İstanbul is home to its diverse towns which carry authentic habits, hopes, voices, songs and melancholy. This diversity is preserved for centuries in the charming silhouette of the city.

This is an invitation for sculptors to gaze into the judas-colored İstanbul from the museum’s Terrace, and bear its contradictions, immigrants, travellers, poets, seagulls, its depth and conflicts.

The artists are invited to contextualise their sculptures for a specific town and place in İstanbul, and to attach a document explaining how their piece relates to that specific town/place of choice. The sculptures will be exhibited at the open air terrace of the museum.

The exhibition will take place in June 2018. The advisory board comprises of Seyhun Topuz, Rahmi Aksungur, Nilüfer Ergin, Haşim Nur Gürel & Can Elgiz.

Submission Requirements:

This is an open call for (all) sculptors.

Artists are required to send a printed copy of their application form, multiple images of their artwork from different angles.
If the artwork is in its creation phase, detailed photos of the model of the final piece in a CD or USB drive will be required.

Artists may apply with more than one piece or project. Each project submission should have a separate project folder. Application folders should include the documentation and technical information of minimum five previous sculptures by the artist.

Artists should consider that the rooftop can be affected by severe weather conditions.
The artists are reminded to submit large sculptures created with durable media; the sculptures may not be mounted on the terrace surface and should be free-standing.

Transportation of the sculpture will be partially covered by the museum and should be made under the supervision of the artist; installation of the piece to the terrace venue will be led by the artist with the help of an installation team under the supervision of the Advisory Board.

The exhibition will be documented in a catalog and publicised. Elgiz Museum holds the rights to organize side-events to the exhibition with other parties/organizations.
With the permission of the artist, the piece may be exhibited in public or private spaces after the exhibition.

You can find photos of the venue at or visit the Elgiz Museum Terrace by contacting the Museum Staff.

Deadline for the application is March 12, 2018.
Artists may deliver or send their applications to the Elgiz Museum, Beybi Giz Plaza, 34398 Maslak, İstanbul, Turkey.

The application documents will not be returned to the artists, they will be kept in the Museum Archives.

Artists will be notified via email on their acceptance status after the Jury meeting on March 9, 2018.


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