The Terrace Exhibitions were launched in 2012 at the 1500 m2 open air exhibition space of the Elgiz Museum in order to support emerging sculptors as well as introduce a new exhibition space to the art of sculpture.


The 11th Terrace Exhibition’s conceptual framework is the environmental destruction, which has been a debate since the 1970s, in which the artists also took on an active role as a regard for the defense of life.


As the natural resources of Earth diminish, the desire for unlimited economic growth expands, the ubalanced relation of production and consumption resulting in mass-pollution, the exhibition titled “Is There Life on Earth?”, questions the possibility of life on other planets.


Life-threatening fossil fuels, global warming, climate change, radioactive wastes, inefficient agricultural lands polluted by agricultural pesticides, fertilized seeds that are genetically modified for profit, polluted and dried waters, destroyed forests, flora and fauna going extinct, the plastic mass that cumulate in the oceans each and every year; it seems that we are at the crossroads against the destruction that threatens the sustainability of life as nature has exceeded its threshold for self-repair.


Elgiz Museum invites artists and different perspectives to question the state of environmental transformations as a means of artistic practice, investigating through a critical and creative vision.


To be opened in June 2019, the 11th Terrace Exhibition’s applications are evaluated by the Advisory Board that includes Seyhun Topuz, Rahmi Aksungur, Nilüfer Ergin, Haşim Nur Gürel and Can Elgiz.


Application Requirements;


The exhibition is open to all artists.


Artists who wish to participate in the exhibition need to send photographs of the proposed artworks taken from various angles (or their maquettes), their curriculum vitae and fill the application forms that are available for download on the museum’s website. Artworks should be produced in the last two years in order to be accepted for evaluation.


Artists can propose more than one artwork to the exhibition. The technical characteristics and the thematic framework of each project should be revealed in the file.

The application file should also include at least 5 photographs and technical knowledge of the artist’s previous works.


Taking into account the severe nature conditions of the open-air terrace space and the region where the museum is located, the artists are asked to propose works that are produced from materials that will not be affected by these conditions and can stand on their own weight for a duration of about four months. Please keep in mind that drilling on the terrace surface is not possible.


The transportation of the works will be carried out by the museum under the supervision of the artist, and the placement of the works will be carried out by the artist under the supervision of the Advisory Board. An exhibition catalogue will be published by the museum.

During the exhibition process, panels and side events may be organized in collaboration with various institutions, and after the exhibition, works may be exhibited in a public space with the permission of the artist.


Images of the exhibition space are available at Artists are invited to visit the space by contacting the museum staff.


The deadline for all applications is 6 March 2019.


Artists should send their printed application files to the museum at the following address;

Elgiz Museum, Beybi Giz Plaza, 34398 Maslak Istanbul or

via e-mail to


The application files will not be returned to the artists. All applications are to be archived at the Open Archive Room and are available to public and experts for reviewing purposes.


Applicants will be informed about the results via e-mail. The installation of the exhibition will be completed on May 26, 2019.


If any of the proposed works have similarities with other artworks or contain connotations that interfere with their orginiality, they will be removed from the exhibition.

The museum and the Advisory Board are not responsible for any dispute and the artists are legally responsible for all plagiarism related issues.

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