FLUX is Attilio Vaccari’s solo exhibition hosted by Elgiz Museum in Istanbul between the dates 12 March – 29 March 2019

, curated by Valeria Parisi in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Istanbul.

The exhibition will feature various paintings by Vaccari from private collections, where figures and elements of nature blend into a harmonic dance to rejoin  the life cycle.

Attilio Vaccari is Gai Mattiolo’s right-hand – enfant prodige of the Italian fashion – and the link becomes apparent by their similar ways in their use of color and subjects (Naomi, 2018).

Attracted by the great symbolist and romantic academic artists of the second half of the European Nineteenth century – such as William Morris, William Bouguereau, Lawrence Alma-Tadema – he is however, also influenced by Surrealism and Metaphysics; by Magritte, Dalì e De Chirico. Lately he is inspired by contemporary figurative painters such as Roberto Ferri and Carlos Barahona Possollo, while he is inspired by Ai Weiwei for his artistic vision and social commitment.

“Italian art has been a source of inspiration for me since childhood and has influenced my choice to pursue a figurative style”.

Attilio Vaccaris’s paint is inspired by mythology, classical themes, greek and oriental philosophy.

Fashion, energy transmitted by colors, invites us to discover the peculiar figurative world of Attilio Vaccari.

A real world shown embedded in detail, sometimes hyperrealistic but also surreal and mystical.