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The ‘Terrace Exhibitions’ series was launched in 2012 at Elgiz Museum’s 2000 m² open exhibition area to support emerging sculptors and sustain a new field for sculpture art. Since the beginning, 11 exhibitions were organized and the series has been evolving continuously with a more inclusive perspective for any other ways of expression.


For the year 2020, Elgiz Museum defines the conceptual framework of the 12th Terrace Exhibition as peace to underline the importance of hope for the future and the right to live,  therefore the exhibition aims to bring the artworks together on the Terrace around the idea of to stand up for humankind, nature and life.


The exhibition will be launched under the name of ‘‘Despite All’’, is intended to exhibit the artworks which were created to make a call for peace, hope and the joy of living as an alternative point of view to current social state of insanity where violence has been normalized, space and memory have been damaged.


In a world, where knowledge has been corrupted, moral values have been eroded, social relations have been reduced into consumer relations, the truth has been twisted, hide and nullify by chaos, how can we manage to escape from the silence through the power of art that has a tendency towards the viewpoint of hope?


The exhibition aims to demonstrate the relationship between art and universal values and the reformative and rehabilitative impact of art on humanity and societies. The purpose of the exhibition is to dream of peace and freedom altogether, through the artworks that were created by the idea of transformative power of looking to the future and life with an enlightened point of view.


Elgiz Museum invites artists to the Terrace with their artworks that support and celebrate the life to make a call for hope and peace in 2020 summer!


The exhibition will be open in June 2020 and the application forms and portfolios will be evaluated by the museum’s Sculpture Advisory Board, comprised of Seyhun Topuz, Rahmi Aksungur, Nilüfer Ergin, Haşim Nur Gürel and Can Elgiz. The artists of the artworks that will be shown in the exhibition will go through another assessment phase and one artist will have the opportunity to participate in the artist residency program in Peru/ Lima.


Application Requirements


The exhibition is open to all artists.

Artists who wish to participate in the exhibition need to send photographs of the proposed artworks taken from various angles (or their maquettes), their curriculum vitae and fill the application forms that are available for download below.

Artworks should be produced in the last two years in order to be accepted for evaluation.

Artists can propose more than one artwork to the exhibition. The technical characteristics and the thematic framework of each project should be revealed in the file. The application file should also include at least 5 photographs and technical knowledge of the artist’s previous works.

Taking into account the severe nature conditions of the open-air terrace space and the region where the museum is located, the artists are asked to propose works that are produced from materials that will not be affected by these conditions and can stand on their own weight for a duration of about four months. Please keep in mind that drilling on the terrace surface is not possible.

The transportation of the works will be carried out by the museum under the supervision of the artist, and the placement of the works will be carried out by the artist under the supervision of the Advisory Board. An exhibition catalogue will be published by the museum.

During the exhibition process, panels and side events may be organized in collaboration with various institutions, and after the exhibition, works may be exhibited in a public space with the permission of the artist.

Artists are invited to visit the space by contacting the museum staff.

The deadline for all applications is 15 March 2020.  

Artists should send their both digital and printed application files to the museum at the following address;

Elgiz Museum, Beybi Giz Plaza, 34398 Maslak Istanbul and

via e-mail to

The application files will not be returned to the artists. All applications are to be archived at the Open Archive Room and are available to public and experts for reviewing purposes.

Applicants will be informed about the results via e-mail.

If any of the proposed works have similarities with other artworks or contain connotations that interfere with their originality, they will be removed from the exhibition.

The museum and the Advisory Board are not responsible for any dispute and the artists are legally responsible for all plagiarism related issues.

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