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In this turn, there is a road, sign of which you have not noticed before. What you encounter is new definitions and fears… Your surroundings are far away from your comfort zone. The only thing that is with you is yourself. Breath. At first, you will learn how to be alone with yourself. In the silence, until the time that you face your anxieties… This is the road that all generations know, and all languages understand. You will pass this road alone, and at the end, you will meet other travelers.

Then, we will re-define how to co-exist. We will learn to be a part of this path and, together, we will explore hope, “despite all.”

For its 20th anniversary, Elgiz Collection meets with the audience through a new selection which suggests an individual questioning to the new experiences and definitions of the pandemic that has been lately taking hold of the whole world: Broken Dreams.

First, Thomas Struth’s Kreuzung Mit Passanten, Wuhan welcomes the audience. Coincidentally, the outbreak of the virus began in Wuhan. After Struth’s work, Red Sky From My Window by the artist Nan Goldin, who focuses on identity search and experiences, strikes our eyes – maybe because we are so used to see them nowadays. While Hakan Gürsoytrak’s Meeting makes us re-think the role of digital media in the age of global capitalism, Self-portrait by Hale Tenger, who leaves marks from her life on her works, and the sculpture Deep in My Heart by Hande Şekerciler tell us different ways to hear ourselves. As Wang Xiaoshuang’s City of Memories No:5 reveals the deep silence of emptied cities, Hesap with two hand figures by the artist Sarp Kerem Yavuz, who stands out with his neon works, suggests the story that we are all familiar with.

Broken Dreams presents as an internal journey that brings together artists from different areas, different times, and countries. Even the names of the works in the exhibition tell us that we are not alone with our feelings during the time of the pandemic and, one by one, they remind us what we have been experiencing.

The audience will be facing their anxieties in this road, listening their inner voices, and exploring the ways of co-existing. The exhibition, which also refers to the theme of the 12th Terrace Exhibition, calls for hope with the power of art, “Despite All”! Founded in 2001 as the first contemporary art museum of Turkey and supporting the contemporary art for twenty years, Elgiz Collection is getting prepared for the 12th Terrace Exhibition and for the 20th anniversary celebration on the same night in September.


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Alaeddin Aksoy . Azade Köker . Burhan Uygur . Cindy Sherman . Çerkes Karadağ . Danielle Kwaaitaal Donald Baechler . Ergin İnan . Genco Gülan . Habip Aydoğdu . Hakan Gürsoytrak . Hale Tenger . Hande Şekerciler . Haşim Nur Gürel . Kemal Önsoy . Mahmut Aydın . Mehmet Güleryüz . Mehmet Gün Nan Goldin . Peter Bonde . Sarp Kerem Yavuz . Steinunn Thorarinsdottir . Şenol Yorozlu . Thomas Struth . Wang Xiaoshuang . Wolfgang Petrick . Yunus Tonkuş