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Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Elgiz Museum started to organize Terrace Exhibitions in 2012 to support young sculptors and land art artists. The exhibition series, which was initiated as an organization encouraging international participation, has continued in the following years with 12 exhibitions, taking place at the museum’s 1500 square meter open-air exhibition area, displaying all methods of expression. And it has continuously attracted national and international artists regardless of their age and discipline through an open call, until today.


Elgiz Museum has organized the Terrace Exhibitions all these years with broad participation of artists, despite the unanticipated consequences of the pandemic that has interrupted, even halted, the art activities in 2020.


With the artists’ determination to push through adversity and have their hopes high no matter the situation, we decided to revive the Terrace and bring art and its audience together in 2021.



This year with the 13th exhibition, titled “The Future,” we aim to move on from the past, turn our faces to the sun and envision a better tomorrow.



The future is a verb of action. It goes beyond what has already been told and turns into a journey of constant struggle for what we would like to achieve. The concept of future is taking along what the past and present have collected, constructing the new by using experience and memory and to move the perception beyond its limit. It is the desire of transforming language, material, time, space, and the ordinary. The future is not to be surrendered but to be envisioned; it is to hold on and never let go.


Elgiz Museum invites the artist to the Terrace to share their visions of the future with art enthusiasts and to catch tomorrow today.



For the exhibition due to open in the summer of 2021, the Advisory Board consisting of Seyhun Topuz, Rahmi Aksungur, Nilüfer Ergin, Haşim Nur Gürel and Can Elgiz will be evaluating the applications.



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