The open call of the Elgiz Museum to artists for the 14th Terrace Exhibition is to be held in the summer of 2022.

The open-air exhibition area of ​​the museum of 1,500 square meters has been hosting the works of artists for 10 years. Bringing together different languages ​​of expression with the remarkable participation of artists, young artists added to our ranks every year, our exhibitions created a great accumulation for the art of sculpture. The works carried to the collections with the support of art lovers will carry the traces of today into the future.

The conceptual framework of the 14th Terrace Exhibition was determined as “The Unseen”.

In the last days of last year, humanity, which sent the James Webb space telescope, a 6.5-meter gold-plated mirror to 13.5 billion years ago, to see the time when the first stars of the universe were formed, to understand the events, has been trying to understand and make sense of its environment by seeing its environment for thousands of years.

John Berger says that “Seeing precedes speech. The child learns to look and recognize before he speaks.”

“Seeing”, one of the most fundamental discussion topics of philosophy, science and art, will be discussed from the perspective of artists this summer on the terrace of the Elgiz Museum. We will once again establish a new exhibition with artists who will make sense of what is seen, what is not seen, what is left behind, what is covered, by shedding light on the future from the past.

While searching for the ideal image, a fixed way of seeing, from the Renaissance perspective, which systematizes the big and small relationship with the point of view, trivializes and even closes the horizon, the reverse perspective that changes the place where people look and shapes them according to the hierarchy of power, the systems that shape the gaze and seeing in the east and west have been among the expression methods of art.

From the Impressionists who try to see the light and colors to the cubists who reveal different points of view at the same time, from the futurists who make every moment of the movement visible to the virtual reality glasses of today’s art, the artist’s effort to see and show the unseen continues uninterrupted.

A courageous action based on understanding and making sense is required to see, want to see and show the unseen.

This year, at the Terrace Exhibition, we invite our artists to see, show and make sense of what is left behind, what is hidden, what is veiled, those who are pushed out of our perspective, briefly the “Unseenables”.


For the exhibition to be opened in the summer of 2022, the Advisory Board, consisting of Seyhun Topuz, Rahmi Aksungur, Nilüfer Ergin, Haşim Nur Gürel, Meliha Sözeri, Ömer Emre Yavuz and Can Elgiz, will be evaluating the applications.




  • The exhibition is open to all artists.
  • The works produced in 2020 and after will be accepted to the exhibition.
  • Rain, wind and sunlight, etc. of the area where the museum is located. It should be taken into account that harsh natural conditions such as Accordingly, the artist accepts that his proposed work(s) meet the following conditions. Applications that do not meet these conditions will not be considered.
  • Size and durability suitable for outdoor conditions,
  • Produced from materials that will not be damaged by these conditions,
  • Able to stand on its own weight.
  • Installation cannot be made on the terrace surface.
  • The artist accepts and undertakes that he will produce an exact copy of his proposed project and be selected by the advisory board to be exhibited. Otherwise, the Advisory Board has the right to remove the work from the exhibition.
  • Images of the exhibition area can be accessed at www.elgizmuseum.org. Artists can see the terrace in company with the Museum Management and during the working hours of the museum.
  • If any of the works accepted for exhibition bears a large resemblance to another work, the work may be removed from the exhibition. The Museum and the Advisory Board are not responsible for any disputes that may arise due to this situation; The artist is legally responsible for his work.
  • The works must not have been exhibited before. Works determined to have been exhibited before in public or commercial galleries will be removed from the exhibition even if the exhibition process has begun.



  • Information to be included in the application file is given below. In order for the application to be approved, the following items must be completed.
  • Biography form (The form can be found on the museum’s website.)
  • Application form (Applications with missing dates and signatures will not be evaluated. The form can be found on the museum’s website.)
  • The project proposal applied for (The text and technical information of the work should be given in Turkish and English. Images taken from various angles promoting the work or a model image if it is under construction should be added to the proposal file.)
  • Portfolio (Photographs and technical information of 5 of his previous works should be included.)
  • All texts in the application file must be written in Turkish and English. These texts will be included in the exhibition catalog and will introduce you as an artist; For this reason, the texts provided should be checked and completed in both languages.
  • You can apply with more than one project. The digital and printed file should be prepared and sent separately for each project to be applied.
  • Application file(s) will not be returned to the artist; It will be taken under protection and kept open for examination in the Archive Room (Archvarium) in the Elgiz Museum, which is accessible to all visitors.



  • Participants must submit their application files both in print and digitally. Applications sent by only one route will not be considered.
  • PRINTED FILE: It should be sent to Elgiz Museum Maslak Mahallesi Meydan Sokak Beybi Giz Plaza 34398 by post or hand-delivered during working hours;
  • DIGITAL FILE: Send to info@elgizmuseumistanbul.org by writing “14. TERAS APPLICATION_Name Surname” and all files should be sent as one compressed ZIP file.
  • The deadline for all physical and digital applications is 17.00 on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. Files exceeding the specified date and time will not be accepted, regardless of whether they are physical or digital. The delivery times of the printed files should be calculated considering this date and time.



  • The works will be brought to the terrace by the museum authorities under the supervision of the artist.
  • The placement of the works on the terrace area will be done by the artist with the help of the museum authorities under the supervision of the Advisory Board.
  • Documentation of the exhibited works will be done by the museum. An exhibition catalog will be prepared with the text and technical information of the works sent by the artists when applying.
  • The exhibition will be introduced to the public through printed and digital media, the museum’s website and social media accounts. During the exhibition process, cooperation and side events can be done with various institutions; With the permission of the artist, works can be exhibited in public or other spaces after the exhibition.
  • The works will be taken from the workshops of the artists within the provincial borders of Istanbul. The measures to be taken to prevent damage to the artwork during transportation, packaging, are the responsibility of the artist, the museum will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during transportation.
  • The transportation of works coming from outside of Istanbul belongs to the artist. The museum will provide transportation support in the amount to be determined.
  • The transportation and expenses of the works coming from abroad belong to the artist. ATA Carne transactions will be made by the artist under his own name. The museum will provide transportation support in the amount to be determined.