Since 2015, the museum’s mezzanine floor – formerly known as the Project Rooms – is an integrative and qualitative exhibition space.

By applying additional light and using the office corridors that connect the two spaces to the left and right of the mezzanine floor, the museum presents a third exhibition space. The “Mezzanine” covers 160 m² and is open to independent exhibitions or used as an extension of the temporary exhibition area.

2015’s first exhibition “Small Faces, Large Sizes” unifies the Temporary Exhibition Area with the Mezzanine.

Leaden Circles Dissolved In The Air   01 March-28 April 2018

SARP, Lunar   15 September-15 November 2017

In Memory of Abdurrahman Öztoprak   14 April-10 September 2017

Melting Point on the Road   25 October-20 November 2016

Plaza Worker   17 June-19 September 2015 

Elgiz Collection at Mezzanine   13 March-16 June 2015

Small Faces, Large Sizes   20 January-13 March 2015

Project Rooms

Pieter Ombreght: XYZ Project   09 October-08 December 2012 

Fold  23 March-21 May 2011

Halil Vurucuoglu: Intoxication & Semra Özümerzifon: Deep – Can You Hear?   23 February-19 March 2011

On The Edge: Giovanni Ozzola with projects by Deniz Üster and Elif Süsler   16 September-16 December 2010

Chaotic Metamorphosis   29 April-04 September 2010

Mustafa Kula: Wall Paintings   12 September 2009-25 April 2010

Berke Soyuer: Bubbles_01.jpeg   12 September 2009-25 April 2010 

Overtures_Turkey_2007: Water Between Poetics And Politics   25 October-1 December 2007

Nancy Atakan: And   20 July-1 September 2007

Mürüvvet Türkyılmaz: The Overjoyed Ones   31 May-14 July 2007

Tomur Atagök: Diaries   3 May-30 June 2006

Balkan Naci İslimyeli: Zifir and Çile  13 March-30 April 2006

Ömer Emre Yavuz: Mea Culpa   20 January-24 February 2006

Nezaket Ekici: National Anthems   9 November 2005-7 January 2006

Kezban Arca Batıbeki: I Shot Andy Warhol in Istanbul   15 September-5 November 2005

Tulu Bayar: Page   11 May-16 July 2005

Gülsün Karamustafa: Fragmenting/Fragments   25 December-30 April 2005